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37ft wooden sailing boat, gaff-rigged. Captain, living boat of Edward Le Rouvre. Sustainable wooden boat of Sarteneja, founder Edward Le Rouvre; Eco-friendly innovations on traditional boats; bio-epoxy (Super Sap from Entropy Resins, distributor in Belize), hardwood nursery and replant (Mahogany). Flax cloth for composite. Visit the album named CARGO : Libertad Visit Boat construction: Juan Guerrero of Sarteneja, Master Shipwringht: (501) 636 1123 - (501) 423 2166 Zayann design, rigging and finishing: Edward Le Rouvre Traditional boat of Sarteneja: The keel, stern and bow are made of "granadillo" or cocobolo: Ribs are made of Bullet tree: Planking is made of Santa Maria: Deck and cabin made of Mahogany.

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